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NKF Roundup: Latest Data on Tolvaptan, Terlipressin, and Lumasiran

More research from the National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meeting

NKF over a photo of the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.

Latest NKF Meeting Coverage

Nonimmunosuppressive Therapy Bests ARB for Cutting Proteinuira in IgA Nephropathy

Interim PROTECT data show nephroprotective potential of sparsentan

April 15, 2023
Common Diuretic Pauses Atherosclerosis in CKD, T2D

If finerenone isn't available, try spironolactone, said researcher

April 15, 2023
Low-Potassium Diet Not Enough to Stave off Recurrent Hyperkalemia

Consider adding a potassium binder to the mix, researcher suggests

April 14, 2023
Renal Function Safe With Pegloticase-MTX Combo for Gout

Analysis looked at patients with stage 1-3 CKD from the MIRROR trial

April 14, 2023
Another Measure of Terlipressin Success in Hepatorenal Syndrome

Goal of 30% reduction in serum creatinine in the absence of full response or HRS reversal

April 13, 2023
Long COVID Patients on Dialysis See Elevated Oxidative Stress Markers

Temporary vascular access, uncontrolled hypertension may be risk factors in this population

April 13, 2023
Novel Agents Promising in Pruritus, Rare Metabolic Disease, and More

A round-up of noteworthy research from the NKF Spring Clinical Meetings

April 10, 2022
Novel Drug Cuts Proteinuria in APOL1-Mediated Kidney Disease

Significant UPCR reductions in just a few weeks in phase II study

April 10, 2022
Even With CKD, Patiromer Helped Heart Failure Patients Keep Hyperkalemia at Bay

Promising findings from prespecified renal analysis of the DIAMOND trial

April 9, 2022
Which Factors Predict Rapid Decline in Polycystic Kidney Disease?

Researchers pinpointed six clinical variables predictive of rapid decline to ESRD

April 8, 2022
Flu a Consistent Threat to ESRD Patients

Those with advanced-stage kidney disease had 28% higher risk of in-hospital death

April 8, 2022
COVID-Related AKI Chronically Hard on Kidneys

More critically ill COVID patients developed CKD versus bacterial pneumonia patients

April 8, 2022
NKF 2021: Skewed Transplant Waitlists; Daft Diabetes Care

Other noteworthy research presented at the National Kidney Foundation's annual meeting

April 12, 2021
Post-Marketing Data Confirms Patiromer Safety in Hyperkalemia

Rates of death, serious adverse events lower than seen in clinical trial program

April 11, 2021