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Population Health Colloquium

Stopping Medical Misinformation Requires Early Detection

Help is needed from the medical community and the general public, says media watchdog CEO

 A photo of a magnifying glass resting over the word PLANDEMIC hidden in the repetition of the word PANDEMIC.

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AI Has an Image Problem in Healthcare, Expert Says

Yes, it needs guardrails, but it also offers big opportunities, notes former Microsoft executive

September 19, 2023
Want Better Health Outcomes? Check Out What Other Countries Do

Countries who outperform the U.S. system have three things in common, expert says

September 19, 2023
Want to Reduce 'Frequent Flyers' at Your Hospital? Try This

Weekly meetings to discuss cases can help get patients out of the ED and into community care

October 14, 2021
Medicaid Will Be a Bigger Target for Alternative Payment Models, CMS Official Says

Health equity also will be a focus, says CMMI official Ellen Lukens

October 13, 2021
'Trusting the Science' on COVID Must Be Combined With Public Will, Says Wen

Decisions also need to take societal values into account, former Baltimore health czar says

October 12, 2021
The Rise of the 'Payvider' and Other Healthcare Trends to Watch

David Nash, MD, lists this year's "Dirty Dozen" trends in healthcare

October 7, 2020
Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Medical School

These three schools emphasize community service, primary care

March 20, 2019
One Question Reveals Much About Patient Engagement

A patient's self-confidence score can be revealing

March 20, 2019
'We Have to Define Our Lane,' Leana Wen Tells Public Health Workers

Planned Parenthood chief says it's important to resist pressure to narrow field's focus

March 19, 2019
Caring for the Sickest Patients: A Calling and an Opportunity

New models are disrupting the way primary care is provided

March 21, 2018
Why Is Improving Population Health So Difficult?

Short-term outlook, chronic disease complexity don't help

March 21, 2018
Isolation, Food Insecurity Called Out as Health Issues

"We've got to bring loneliness out of the closet"

March 20, 2018

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